Were we the 40th Club Chartered as some might believe???  Not so says RI. Infact we didn't make the first 100. Repsonse from RI:
We thank you for your e-mail. In 1988 when we first implemented our computer system, for the purpose of identification we had to number all Rotary Clubs. At that time, we sorted all Rotary Clubs by countries and club names and assigned club members accordingly. Then, from there on all new clubs have been automatically assigned a club number by our computer system when we receive their charter.  In our office, these club members are strictly used for the purpose of identifying the proper Rotary club and do not have any other seniority meaning.
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According to a list of Rotary's first 100 clubs chartered, The Rotary Club of Victoria, British Columbia, was the 90th club to be chartered.  Their charter date is 1 January 1914.  The Rotary Club of Vancouver, British Columbia, was the 61st.  Their charter date is 1 April 1913.  The Rotary Club of Courtenay was chartered on 29 October 1936.  It is not on the list of the first 100 Rotary clubs.
I am unclear about the numbering system that is used for Rotary clubs but our data services department might be able to comment on this.