The sun shone, the pig was succulent and the rest of the food was just as good.


Thanks very much to Kevin Lee for his hard work organizing and roasting, to Thrifty's for the salads, corn, pop, etc., to Rob Green for doing a lot of running around and thinking things Kevin had forgotten (he says).  Derek also did a lot of running around getting propane and water. Derek and Cathy also returned the roaster to the pub and lots of people helped to clean up. Lots of helpers showed up and pitched in to shcuck corn, to serve up and generally be helpful. Kevin says, "I would really like to thank everyone who helped me out. It looked like I did a lot of work but with all the help, it was easy."

The musicians are Judy Burnett and Bruce Wing. They did a great job and added to the enjoyable atmosphere. It was a great time of fellowship for members and families.

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