World Community Service

International Humanitarian Projects

The Rotary Club of Courtenay has a rich history of humanitarian projects, undertaken to improve the quality of life and break the cycle of poverty around the globe. 
Part of each year’s Fundraising proceeds are directed toward international humanitarian work. At any given time, we have 2-3 major projects underway; primarily projects in which we are actively involved and assume a leadership role.
We aspire to leverage our funds with grants from The Rotary Foundation, as well as partnerships with other Rotary Clubs, private foundations, and individuals.
Our work has spanned the globe: Haiti, India, Africa, Nepal. Projects have typically focused on water, sanitation, disease prevention/treatment, education, and economic development.

Projects Led by Courtenay Rotary:

  • Bringing clean water to villages in Haiti, with 6 community water sources capped.
  • Building over 200 composting latrines in Gatineau area of Haiti.
  • Bringing water and sanitation systems to 41 girls schools in India.
  • Building water wells and storage tanks to 13 villages in Odisha, India.
  • Project Amigo Eye Care in Mexico 2011.
  • Shelter boxes, Port of Prince, Haiti 2010.

Projects Supported by Courtenay Rotary:

  • Coming soon ...