Rod Hunter, director of the Courtenay Rotary Foundation (far left) and Courtenay Rotary Club president Robert Buckley (far right) gave a cheque on behalf of the club to Dr. Kim Tsang and Dr. Lyle Myrfield of Coastal Eye Care.
Tsang and Myrfield are volunteers for Vision Work Week, a workshop run by Project
Amigo of Mexico. The $5,000 will be used to send three optometrists (Tsang and Myrfield included) and four support staff to Mexico in 2011 to provide eye care for children too
poor to otherwise receive it. Tsang said Project Amigo is also looking for donations in the form of old eyeglasses, which could potentially be matched to children in Mexico. Project
Amigo is a non-profit organization that has operated since 1984. Buckley will also accompany the team to Mexico.