There were 5 Rotarians and 2 spouses that participated in this NIDS (National Immunization Days) trip to Addis Abba, Ethiopia, Africa from here on Vancouver Island. We left Victoria taking nearly 40 hours to arrive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We met up with an additional 47 more Rotarians from all over the USA in Addis Ababa and were hosted by the gracious club members of the Mt. Entoto Club while we stayed in Addis. We visited many onsite organizations, some of them were children who were infected by Aids, adoption homes, polio recovery camps, obstetric fistula homes, and various women orientated learning centers. In addition, while in Addis we visited various small businesses geared to training women in pottery, weaving and other skill-sets. We then were bused from Addis to Harar, Ethiopia, via the Rift Valley. Harar is the oldest city in Ethiopia and this is where we participated in the 3 day Polio Immunization process. We were orientated firstly and then transported to various outlying villages each day where we physically gave the drops to children 5 years and younger. Always accompanied by either a physician or nurse and usually a Rotaract from the nearby Harar. The experience was life-changing and the impact insurmountable to both my wife Maria and myself. The entire experience was very well organized and assured me even more that my Rotary dollars are in very good hands all around the world. After this we then returned back to Addis and flew to Johannesburg, South Africa. Then flew to Nelspruit finally arriving at Sabi Sabi, South Africa. We visited three different Rotary funded elementary schools where 90% of the children have Aids and most are homeless. It was a real treat and the children's smiles and true appreciation for us coming to see them was definitely "priceless". Altogether we figured we met around 5,000 different children on our African Rotary adventure all with big brown beautiful eyes and always sporting big white smiles. It is truly the best give you can give yourself, the gift of giving……we recommend it to everyone. Lastly, we finalized our trip by staying at a Safari Resort called Djuma, located adjacent the Kruger National Park. We participated in 6 jeep safaris witnessing spectacular wild animals including animals such as elephants, prides of lions, leopards, rhinos, cape buffalos, hippos, wild dogs, hyenas, and even witnessed a cheetah chase down and kill an impala. Again adding to what was a unbelievable trip to Africa. I thank Rotary for all it has donated to my life and thank God my wife came this time to share this glorious experience together.

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