The project was to help build and equip a daycare center for children of sex trade workers in Bangalore India.


It is in south India in the state of Karnataka. Kell Fransden, our club member, was instumental in seeing the project to its completion.  Every two years 50 children will enter the program. The center has already graduated one group to a safe learning facility."
Photos of the project

Children born to sex trade workers often become victims of this trade or suffer serious abuse and will forego any education. An organization called Jagruthi , which means "New beginnings" got involved. The plan was formulated to have a safe playschool where children could come during the day. The center would also have a medical facility to treat the children as well as provide treatment for the mothers. CCYC, the largest children's Ministry in India, as well as government schools, both of which could provide education, protection and a future- were brought together to form a working relationship with Jagruthi to have this project succeed. A site was located in the area where women worked and plans were made to take children 3-4 years old. The budget was made for the equipment that the center would need plus transportation, staff costs and leasing facilities. Rotary was approached in conjunction with CRCID to help with initial start up funding. The center has now run for 3 years accomodating 50 children.   WELL DONE KELL &  WCS TEAM