Club History / Charter Members

The presentation of the Charter was held on November 27th, 1936. It was a Friday that year and rained all day. The meeting was held in the Native Sons Hall and started at 7 PM sharp.

There were many in attendance although the exact numbers are not known. Charles A. Mowry was there and addressed the club members. He was the District Governor at the time and it was District #1. His special representative W.C. Mainwaring was also in attendance and addressed the club as well.

During the evening a vocal number was performed by Miss Isabelle MckEwan and another by a Mr.D.Kirkbride. The vocalists were helped along by accompanist, James (Sonny) Richardson and Andrew Dunsmore, a visitor from the Nanaimo Club.

The meeting began with "O'Canada, but not the version we know today. Community singing took place during the meal with songs including " Smiles ", " Roamin in The Gloamin", " My Wild Irish Rose", and the meeting finsihed with the singing of the ' International Anthem" better known as " God Save The King".


      Tomato Juce Cocktail, Creamed Salmon, Roast Chicken, Sage Dressing, Creamed Potatoes, Comox Valley Peas, Mashed Turnips, Bavarian Cream, Assorted Cakes, Tea and Coffee.



Information provided from the Rotary Archives by Rotarian Dave MacDonald